What Is Lokalie?

Lokalie is an app created just for you…. we help out local businesses reach their full potential while focusing on different ways to reach their target markets. We cater to every business out there, from your mobile friendly business to the brick and mortar locations. Our main goal is to help out everyone in our community.

Lokalie is an affordable monthly basis advertising tool. With a low investment and reaching thousands of users at once. Lokalie is a mobile app that was developed with the local businesses in mind. We provide an affordable medium to reach out new and existing customers. You can advertise or post an offer on our app and automatically it will be seen by thousands of people already using Lokalie via geofencing. The information posted on the application includes the offer description, your location(s), your phone number, and the Terms and Conditions. Thus, giving all the information the customer needs to reach out

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Always Find The Right Market

What is your market? Let Lokalie reach your target market for you. How do you ask? Everyone wants to save money, right? At Lokalie we target all smartphone users who want to save money. At Lokalie we keep our users happy with great deals and our merchants face to face with our users. We always come up with new ideas, games, and other ways to keep our users and merchants interested. Post your offers and redeem them using our app. There is No paperwork, No middleman, No commission.  YOUR MONEY is YOUR MONEY. We are a tool to help your business succeed. Lokalie will help you reach clients that may have never walked into or thought about your business.   JOIN today and start this year right with Lokalie!

What Industries Can Benefit from Lokalie?




  • 1 Monthly Ad
  • 1 Lokal Ad (Registered Address)
First 30 days Free!


  • 1 Monthly Offer
  • 2 x 1 “weekly deals”
  • 1 Lokal Spot
First 30 days Free!


  • 1 Monthly Offer
  • 1 Lokal Spot (Business Address)
First 30 days Free!